Deutmeyer Consulting Services President, Patricia DeutmeyerWelcome to Deutmeyer Consulting Services (DCS).  We provide “Virtual Administrative Services” to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs and busy people like yourself across the continental US.

My name is Patty Deutmeyer, and I am the Founder of Deutmeyer Consulting Services and it’s Lead Consultant.  I have been working in the corporate world for the greater portion of my career (that means over 14 years) and had determined that I had a lot to offer and decided to start my own business providing those exact same services to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs in the virtual world as a Virtual Assistant.

You may ask, what is a Virtual Assistant.  Well first of all let’s answer a couple of questions.  Do you always keep your administrative team busy?  Not always I am sure.  Do you pay benefits, employment taxes, etc. for your administrative tasks?  Yes, again?  Well that is the beauty of a Virtual Assistant, we do the same work as a full-time assistant or temp only we do it remotely.  We work on contract and provide time frames and completion dates for all of the tasks assigned, so you know exactly what you are getting when you are getting it and for how much and we only work when you need us.  This provides our clients with a tremendous savings and yet still have an organized office and happy customers.

I will be posting more in-depth articles to further explain what you can expect from the Virtual Services World and how they can help you grow your businesses.  In the meantime, please check our services to see how we can help you now.

About Deutmeyer Consulting Services

I am the Founder and Lead Consultant of Deutmeyer Consulting Services (DCS). We provide administrative services for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. We do everything your in-house staff does without the overhead of benefits, taxes, etc. Let us take care of the office work so you can concentrate on business.
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