Woman Using Laptop and Cell PhoneAdministration: Typing, Word Processing, Data Entry, Document Prep, Executive and Clerical Support, General Office Operation, Travel arrangements and more.

Publisher Assistant: Research, Campus Visit Research, Campus Visit Setting, Marketing, and Lead Management and more.

Transcription Services: Internet, general Transcription. Digital, video and audio.

Woman Writing on Pad of Paper

Digital Course Coordinator: Consulting, developing, implementing and maintaining of digital course materials is the focus of an Online Resource Coordinator’s job. Online Resource Coordinators work with a variety of learning management systems, programming languages, and a variety of software to create interactive learning events that will ultimately provide an engaging online experience for students.

Desktop Publishing: Logos, Graphics, Business Cards, Letterhead, PowerPoint Presentations, Art Design, Cards, Invitations, Calendars and more.

Customer Support Services: Order Processing, Invoicing, Customer Surveys, Live Operator Answering, Customer Email Processing, Live Online Customer Support, Faxing, Follow Up Calls, Tech Support, Customer/Contact Management.

Personal Services: Resume Writing and Preparation, Cover Letters, Reference Letters, CV’s, General Typing and Word Processing, Personal Websites, Family Websites, Travel Planning, Reservations, Research, Genealogy, Gifting, Invitations, and so much more!

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